Is your organization getting the most out of CIMS-HR?

Ongoing Training Pays Dividends

When was the last time your internal CIMS-HR administrator(s) had one-on-one training?

A growing number of agencies are having us review their current CIMS-HR deployments and deliver additional training to bring their staff up to speed on all of the system’s capabilities.  Since January 2016 alone we’ve:

  1. Uploaded over 26 new Builds of CIMS-HR Version 5 with hundreds of new and improved features.
  2. Migrated the Windows 8.1 Windows RT mobile tablet application to Windows 10 UWP for Windows 10 tablets and phones.
  3. Expanded the browser-based Self-Serve Portal (SSP) application to include new mapping features, shift tracking and Meals on Wheels volunteer route tracking.  Imagine being able to track the status of the meal deliveries in real time and provide your volunteers with an easy way to submit any concerns that they might have about the clients!

If you are having new employees learn from existing ones then it’s possible that your ability to use CIMS-HR in the most effective manner is being impacted over time.    We can provide you with professional training services tailored to your specific requirements either remotely or on site.